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"insufficient tests, slow results, shortages of personal protective equipment and a shortage of ventilators for critically ill patients – are interconnected, and are making each other worse in a toxic cycle."


Identify the true R(t)

Real-time reproductive number of COVID

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Give power to the people to influence resource allocation

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Train the model with decentralized voting

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As hospitals and essential businesses compete for necessary supplies, the identification of need is skewed by racial, political, and socio-economic biases. Policies are being driven by short-sighted and inaccurate data with little understanding of the virus’’s real-time effective reproductive number, leaving communities left scrambling for an effective plan of action.


The Decentralized Pandemic Reserve (DPR) aims to create an autonomous supply chain consortium that matches individual and manufacturer resources with the areas most in need.  Our end-to-end solution solves issues with data storage, data retrieval, data validity, supply chain issues, and governance.


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3rd place finalists

Stop COVID Hackathon

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1st place in Open Innovation

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