"I feel like the power is in the hands of my employer"



The biggest obstacle in workers' comp insurance is operating without a shared, trusted identification. Workers' comp protects ALL workers regardless of country of origin. With a blockchain identity, all records are kept up-to-date, streamlining the audit process, and claims are kept in sync. No more waiting for payments or reimbursements, your prescription card is instant, and digital.


  • Delayed treatment

  • Obtaining a claim number

  • Out of pocket costs

  • Reimbursements

  • Whole process is disjointed with many steps across many platforms


  • 10 Policyholder Interviews

  • Complete Workers' Comp Audit Process Map with in-depth study into independent contractors vs employee

  • Complete Workers' Comp Audit Process Map

  • IW Life-cycle study. Story mapping, qualitative interviews, and quantitative surveys.

  • Proof of insurance should exists before injury happens

  • Records, ID, and payment available in one location

  • Patient owned records

  • An environment of shared trust

  • A private chain for managing a consortium of identities

  • Manage your workers from one place

  • Create and manage claims

  • The fastest experience available in workers' comp today


2019 Bounty winner