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"If an asteroid was discovered headed for earth with only a few thousand miles remaining, no response would prevent mass destruction, But if that same asteroid was discovered a few years earlier, just a love tap would be enough to change the course of history."



Students face growing environmental and societal stress without the necessary coping skills and proper mental health support needed to overcome these obstacles. Communities lack resources to identify and monitor individuals with mental health issues and schools lack effective tools to track behavior and mental health of their student body.



Historical research was gathered from news sources to compile a list of recent incidents involving shootings in schools across the United States. A timeline of events, witness accounts, and local reports were used to gather circumstances around each event.


School Pulse is currently engage with DPS schools to learn more about student's fears, wishes and needs.

  • Give students basic Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy exercises virtually and skills to combat stress.

  • Use Machine Learning to identify students needing more support.

  • If given a low-risk opportunity, students will choose to help each other.

  • Students will have more trust in something if they are involved in the creation.

  • Create a daily mood-tracker supported by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with anonymous social peer support.

  • Reporting on the 'pulse' of the school from region, school, grade, and individual, without exposing personal information.

  • Customizable access for Mental Health professionals.

Conversational UI

Familiar interface and experience (UX) creates trust and ease of use.

Multiple expressions

Bullying, depression, peer reporting of concern. On the ground eyes and ears.

Mood & Health Tracker

Daily mood tracker with analytics. Identify behavioral patterns in individuals, classrooms, even grades across districts.

Advanced Behavioral Analytics

Identify trends and initiative results over time.

Emergency Contacts

Customize the details for emergency contacts.

Anonymous Reporting

Bullying, depression, peer reporting of concern. On the ground eyes and ears.

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