The Decentralized Pandemic Reserve (DPR) aims to create an autonomous supply chain consortium that matches individual and manufacturer resources with the areas most in need by using a predictive model to identify the coronavirus’s real-time, effective reproduction number.

By leveraging a Decentralized Autonomous Organization we are putting the power of choice back into the hands of the people. A modified voting mechanism with informed data points informs the community about relevant information such as supply recipient, location, (R) infection rate, and reputation.

Bounty Winner of the 2019 ETHDenver Best User On-boarding Experience. Indure is a blockchain insurance identity solution, preventing insurance fraud through the use of a single, trusted source.

An expressive mood tracker with deep machine learning and social analytics that uses anonymous, conversational AI set to the beat of the student. 

Connecting the homeless back into society through a work-exchange tokenized economy by providing self-reliance to the invisible populations.

The Decentralized Pandemic Reserve provides an autonomous supply chain consortium that matches pandemic resources with the areas most in need.

UX & Front-End Dev.

Highly motivated to change the world with Human Centered Design and impactful projects. I’m passionate about life, my kids, and solving the hardest problems with the best of teams (see people below).

CEO & Idea Maker

Inspired by the community of Ethereum, I want to create blockchain technology solutions through a Human Centered Design approach. "Let's disrupt some shit."  Enneagram 8, ENFJ

Backend & Blockchain Engineer

Regularly contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem through solving bounties and winning hackathons. I hope to see it become the internet of value one day!

Blockchain Evangelist

Ron has spent multiple years working and guiding the Information Security and cryptocurrency space. He loves participating in hackathons , and when not hacking, Ron provides security services for ShapeShift, a non-custodial digital asset exchange.

Backend & Blockchain Engineer

A Caffeine-dependent and interdisciplinary researcher working to invent the future at the intersection of Neuroscience and Machine Learning. Intrigued by generative media design and exploring new human|computer interaction tech., Rishabh also loves binge-watching TV shows, gaming and ranting on twitter.


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